Fridge freezers are the modern essential to any home – with masses of space, integrated water systems and clever technology, what’s not to love. However, it’s easy to assume that, with the abundance of new features, a hefty price tag is a natural by product. That’s why we’ve put together an easy guide to help you find the best value fridge freezers for the price.

1. Samsung RB7300T RB34T602ESA 70/30 Total No Frost Fridge Freezer

Price: £479

Capacity: 344 Litre

Dimensions: (H)185.3 x (W)59.5 x (D)65.8

Energy Rating: E

The Samsung RB7300T RB34T602ESA is the perfect budget friendly addition to any kitchen. With its 344-litre capacity, there’s ample room to stock up your shelves, fitting the equivalent of 19 shopping bags. It’s Total No Frost technology ensures there’s no ice build ups, circulating cold air around the inside of the fridge.

1. Samsung RB7300T RB34T602ESA

2. Samsung RS3000 RS52N3313WW Non-Plumbed Total No Frost American Fridge Freezer

Price: £970

Capacity: 541 Litres

Dimensions: (H)178.9 x (W)91.2 x (D)73.4

Energy Rating: F

The Samsung RS3000 RS52N3313WW is a great model, with a generous capacity of 541 litres, ensuring you’ll have plenty of space for all your food shop essentials. The sleek design adds a modern touch to any kitchen, whilst the Vacation Mode is a brilliant eco-friendly feature that saves energy whilst you’re away. By selecting this feature, the Samsung RS3000 RS52N3313WW keeps the freezer working whilst switching the fridge off in order to conserve energy. It also has a handy wine rack, for those who love an evening tipple.

Samsung RS3000 RS52N3313WW Non-Plumbed Total No Frost American Fridge Freezer

3. Hotpoint FFU4DX1 Fridge Freezer

Price: £649

Capacity: 399 Litre Capacity

Dimensions: (H)195.5 x (W)70 x (D)78

Energy Rating: F


The Hotpoint FFU4DX1 Fridge Freezer is another great option if you love the style and convenience of an American Fridge Freezer, but don’t want to break the bank investing in it. With 399 litres of space, you’ll be able to store the equivalent of 22 bags of groceries. You’ll also be able to adjust the humidity inside the fridge, in order to keep things fresher for longer. Bright LED lights illuminate the interior, making those midnight snacks all the easier to find. And, for just £649 it’s brilliant on the wallet too!

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