How to buy a Rice Cooker: All You Need to Know

Who stated cooking rice is clean? If you’re a person who uses a conventional approach of cooking rice in a vessel, you know, you need to stick around the kitchen to maintain a watch till it’s ready. Even in the case, you’re using the use of a stress cooker, you want to feature enough water to it to get ideal fluffy steamed rice. What if we informed you there’s a product that is handier than pressure cookers? They are electric powered rice cookers. Electric rice cookers are in call for on the grounds that they make the rice cooking a clean task. Electric rice cookers are full of a group of functions and they may be very effective. They’re precisely as crucial as washing machines, fridges and the lot. However, there are belongings you have to be aware of at the same time when shopping for an electric-powered rice cooker.

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Size and Capacity

Rice cookers are available in distinct sizes and capacities. Unlike many kitchen appliances, those cookers don’t take greater area than a big vessel. The potential of a rice cooker is measured via way of means of the overall quantity of rice cups it is able to prepare dinner. Electric rice cookers can be bought with capacities starting from 1 to six litres, and a few even greater. While shopping for an electric-powered cooker, the primary aspect to remember is the scale of your own circle of relatives. If you have a small circle of relatives of five to six people, remember shopping for a cooker of three to five litres of potential. Also, remember what number of cups of rice you normally want.

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How Easy is it to Operate?

Most electric-powered cookers include a one-contact operation. In this approach, you best must upload rice, enough quantity of water and allow the cooker to do the relaxation. There are greater superior electric powered cookers with virtual controls and capabilities. There are capabilities along with self-timer/postpone begin, automated maintain warm, sluggish cooking, steaming and greater. It’s right to have a self-timer or postpone begin characteristic in an electric-powered rice cooker. It sets the cooker to begin performing at a precise time or even tells you the time left till the rice is prepared to serve. These functions will let you automate matters and you can relax with the confidence that your rice was perfectly made.

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Different Types of Lids

Some rice cookers include a see-via lid, at the same time as others have a near match chrome steel lid. A see-via lid is fantastic to have on the grounds that you could test at the rice whilst it’s far cooking.

Transparent lid

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Standard Lid

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Easy to Clean Designs

For cleaning, ensure the cooking bowl and lid are dishwasher safe. You can effortlessly cast off and smooth the cooking bowl and a lid with a sponge scrub and water. Selecting a cooker with chrome steel, aluminium or a non-stick covered cooking bowl is constantly useful withinside the lengthy run.

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Auto Shut-off Function

This function is located in nearly all rice cookers. The use of the “Automatic Shut-Off” characteristic is that the cooker mechanically toggles the transfer to the “Keep Warm” characteristic as soon as the rice is prepared. In this approach, you mustn’t always maintain tracking the rice at the same time as it’s far cooking.

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Versatile Rice Cookers

It’s additionally really well worth thinking about a multi-reason rice cooker in case you are a big own circle of relatives. It is available whilst there’s one piece of equipment that may do more than one task. There are rice cookers that may steam vegetables, meat and fish in conjunction with the rice. Some different cooker fashions additionally will let you warm or simmer soups and prepare dinner pulses.

Most superior electric powered rice cookers include a hard and fast of accessories. Depending on the cooker version you select, you can discover a steaming insert tray, measuring cups, steam tray, serving spatula and spoons, all out of the box.


When shopping for a rice cooker, test the assurance provided via way of means of the brand. Most manufacturers provide 2 years of warranty. For distinctive information, talk to the shop companion or discuss with the brand’s respectable website. Like some other tool at home, the rice cooker is crucial kitchen equipment, something that you’ll use for a long time.

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