How to Buy a Fridge Freezer: All You Need to Know

Your fridge freezer is the cornerstone of your kitchen. You keep a lot of your food in there and meals for the days ahead, meaning you need a reliable, high-quality fridge freezer that isn’t going to break down anytime soon. There are many different types of fridge freezers so we’ve put together a buyers’ guide to help you navigate the market and find one just right for you.

Fridge Freezer types

Our breakdown of the different types of fridge freezers.

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

The least expensive type of fridge freezer you can get is a freestanding fridge freezer. This means it stands on its own and is not built into your kitchen layout. This means you can put them where you like in your kitchen and also take it with you if you move house. They aren’t always the easiest appliances on the eye though, so be wary if this is something that matters to you.

Integrated Fridge Freezers

These fridge freezers are built into your kitchen layout and usually blend in behind cupboards. This is great for people that don’t want their appliances to show, but it does come at an extra cost in price and slimmer model choice.

American Fridge Freezers

American Fridge Freezers are larger so have a lot more storage space than other types, they also tend to be a lot more stylish, so you may want to have an American fridge freezer on show. They also often come with lots of features like ice and water dispensers, smart home connectivity, and more accurate thermostats and temperature regulation. Again this all comes at a price though, both in the buying of the appliance and the running of it.

Fridge Freezer Pricing

For a good fridge freezer, your average price is going to be around £400-£700, if you’re just looking for a freestanding model. The integrated and American type fridge freezers will cost you more though, with some of the top new American models going for almost £4,000 at retail, Like the Samsung RF9000 for example.

Integrated models also cost more because the installation will cost a lot too, to make sure it blends in properly with your kitchen you’re going to have to spend a bit more. Models with smart home connectivity and other features will of course add to the price too, so be sure to research exactly what you need.

Fridge Freezer Sizing

You must be precise when measuring the space needed for your fridge freezer as sometimes you need to leave extra space in the back for wiring and to not allow the appliance to overheat etc. so make sure to know the space you’ll need specific to your appliance before you buy and try to install.

Internal storage is usually calculated with all of the shelves and drawers taken out, so your actual storage capacity may be slightly lower than stated, an average freestanding fridge freezer tends to have a capacity of around 200-300 liters, which is more than enough for the average family, this is similar with built-in fridge freezers, but American style fridge freezers have much larger capacities coming in at between 300 and 600 liters. If you have a large family and need a whole lot of space for all your food, this is a great way to go.

Are Fridge Freezers Sustainable?

Fridge freezers are constantly on to keep your food cool and fresh, so it will naturally have a high energy consumption, but what about when you need to buy a new one? Is it worth looking for a more sustainable model?

Yes, it is worth it, you can definitely find one that is more efficient on energy. you can do this by looking at the energy ratings for fridge freezers which go from A (best) down to G (worst). An A-rated fridge freezer may cost you around £50-£70 to run per year using 408 kWh per year.

It’s worth finding a fridge freezer that is a good balance between good performance, reliability, and efficiency though, as many of the most efficient models aren’t as good at consistently chilling your food and maybe less reliable appliances.

Good Features to Watch Out For

Water and ice dispensers are a great feature to have, allowing you access to fresh, cold water 24/7, and as this feature has been around for a long while now, they are becoming a lot more common and accessible.

Alarms for the door are also very handy as leaving your fridge door open is one way to hurt the performance of your fridge freezer. These alarms will notify you if the doors are left open so you can keep it closed as much as possible. For more info on this read our article on how to maintain your fridge freezer.

Another annoying chore when it comes to your fridge freezer is having to defrost it when it gets all iced over. this can take ages and can be a big hassle, so it’s worth looking out for a model with a freezer that doesn’t freeze over like that.

Digital thermostat and temperature display is also a very handy feature to watch out for as it is imperative you keep your fridge freezer at optimum temperatures for peak performance. Also, it helps with energy efficiency to keep it at the right consistent temperature.

Some newer fridge freezers have smart home connectivity too meaning you can link in your home assistants and use your fridge as almost a technological hub of your home. This is a new feature for fridges and will cost a pretty penny but many are willing to pay for such a cool feature. You can plan meals, regulate your food orders and shopping lists, display pictures, and even display what’s in your fridge on the screen on the front using an internal camera.

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