Buying a Dishwasher: All you Need to Know.

Types of Dishwashers.

There are Freestanding dishwashers, Integrated dishwashers, and Semi-Integrated dishwashers. Here is a breakdown of these types.

Freestanding dishwashers are easy to find, they are very common. They aren’t built into your kitchen, making it more transportable too. They are easier for engineers to access too as they can be pulled out and put back with ease. They also don’t look as sleek as integrated models as they stand out more.

Integrated washing machines are built into your kitchen unit, behind a cupboard door and take a lot more effort to move whether it’s for your engineer to get in and fix or if it’s time to move. They can be more expensive for the design bonus, and it’s often not possible to see the controls and display without opening the cupboard.

Semi-integrated models aren’t that common, but they give you a bit of both. You get the sleekness of it being behind a door, but also the controls/display is still shown. This is a win-win, though they are often more costly than either of the other types and your options are limited with this type.

Different Sizes of Dishwasher.

There are normal, full-sized dishwashers which are most common and are usually around 60cm wide. They have a large capacity, so go for one of these if you have lots of dishes to wash all the time. Their capacity is usually 120 items and upwards. Be sure to measure what size you need though as these may be too large for some kitchens.

Slimline dishwashers aren’t as wide as regular dishwashers and come in at around 45cm wide. These are great if you’re tight for space, but they have a smaller capacity of course and are a little less efficient with energy and water. Their capacity is normally around 90 items give or take.

Compact dishwashers or tabletop dishwashers are smaller in capacity, carrying between 40-60 items. These can be good if you have fewer dishes to wash than most people. Their width is usually around 55cm, but they are much smaller and can fit on a tabletop, saving huge amounts of space. They can also come in integrated models which take up the space of a large draw built into your kitchen.

Dishwasher Pricing.

You can actually get a great dishwasher for cheaper than you may expect, it just depends on what features you’re willing to give up to ensure you get a good deal on a dishwasher that does the job well. You can certainly spend £300 or less to find a suitable dishwasher.

If you’re looking for a more expensive/premium dishwasher, you’ll start to encounter smart dishwasher features (see our article on smart appliances), better displays, cosmetic options like black or silver or stainless dishwasher, and more. Some expensive dishwashers can get up to over £1000.

Best Brand of Dishwasher.

In 2021 some of the most popular dishwasher brands are Bosch, LG, Miele, KitchenAid, and Black & Decker. These brands are popular right now. LG offering many features, and Bosch offering lots of options for smart appliances. There is a lot to choose from and this isn’t even all the brands. We recommend you do your research on what best suits your needs.

How much will I spend running my dishwasher?

You can roughly tell how efficient a dishwasher will be if you look for the official energy rating of the model. But an efficient dishwasher shouldn’t ass more than £50 to your annual energy bill. Very efficient ones get as low as adding £30 or less to your bills.

Slimline models aren’t usually as efficient, but they are still able to conserve water and use under a liter, so it’s worth looking for one that is as efficient as possible when you’re going for a slimline dishwasher.

Eco Friendly Dishwasher?

Yes! You can buy dishwashers with a green mindset, the first rule would be to get the most out of your current dishwasher, use it and repair it and get what you can out of it so as not to waste the item. Then when it’s time to get a new one, you can look for one with an energy rating of A+ and above. Places like Which have also begun to recommend more eco-friendly appliances using a feature called Eco Buys.

Best Dishwasher Features.

Some of the best dishwasher features to be on the lookout for in today’s market.

Smart features. Some dishwashers allow you to connect them to the internet and control them from your phone or tablet. Set it going when you’re out, and more. Read our guide to smart appliances for more information on smart features.

Anti-flood features are helpful to prevent your floor from getting soaked. This will prevent the machine from filling up more if it detects that it is already near full with water.

Child safety protection is great if you have children who may be tempted to open the doors, which could lead to scolds from the hot water, not to mention a big mess.

A delay option is always great to have if you don’t want the dishwasher going on yet because you’re still using the room and don’t want to hear it, or if you want to set it going for when you’ll be out. A handy feature is a cutlery tray, this allows cutlery to be stored at the top in a third thin layer, rather than in a holder in the bottom layer. This allows for more room for plates and dishes.

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