How To Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Well Maintained

Like everything else in life, a vacuum cleaner needs a proper clean in order for it to clean effectively. Even bin trucks are cleaned on a daily basis, and the same applies to your vacuum cleaner. It’s one of the most hardworking tools in your house-cleaning toolbox.

Blockages, Blockages, Blockages

Have you ever turned your vacuum on, begun cleaning and realised to some annoyance nothing has actually been cleaned? Well, that’s because blockages are the number one cause of loss of suction. Not only does it cause a lack of cleaning, but also causes your vacuum cleaner to overheat quickly. A way to prevent this from happening is by never reusing the bag. As if the bag gets clogged up with dust it will drastically inhibit or over time recede the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner.

This process is similar when it comes to bagless vacuum cleaners. All you have to do with bagless vacuum cleaners is to empty the canister every time you finish using it. The good thing about bagless vacuum cleaners is that most of them have a ‘maximum fill line’ to show how much dirt can be contained inside the canister. You’ll have to check this if your machine’s suction is poor.

Always makes sure your vacuum cleaner is off from the plug whenever you’re about to clean your vacuum cleaner. You can go further by checking the entrance to the machine by undoing the hose.

Filtration System

In order to remove any clumps of dust, you’ll need to find your vacuum cleaner’s filters are located and proceed to tap your opened filter on a relatively hard surface. We recommend not doing it inside as you’ll be transported to a sand sandstorm in the Sahara Desert.

On the other hand, if your filter is washable, then run it through warm water thoroughly, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. Once completed, move it to a safe and quiet spot – where no little so-and-sos can play with it – and leave it to dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can put it back inside your machine.

Maintaining Brush Heads

Just like an artist makes sure his brushes are always in tip-top condition, you must do the same with your vacuum cleaner. Thankfully, just like putting paintbrushes in a cup of water and letting it soak, vacuum cleaner brush heads are super easy to clean. But, many people get it wrong!

If you see any hairs, threads, pieces of Legos stuck with glue from your little one, then get a nice pair of scissors and simply cut the threads preventing it from functioning properly. You might be wondering why we haven’t said to pull it out. Well, pulling threads has an extremely high chance of damaging your vacuum cleaner’s bristles. And if you’ve spent good money on a vacuum clear, damaging one of its key parts is the worst thought that’ll pop in your head.

Most vacuum cleaners have little but visible indents to guide your scissors through the length of the head so that you don’t cut the bristles. And afterwards – if your vacuum cleaner’s brush head has no electrical elements – clean it under lukewarm water, making sure to massage the bristle in order to remove all the embedded dust, fibres, and those glue pieces of Legos. Once done, make sure to dry it for a minimum of 24 hours before fitting it back into your machine.

Smelly Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve recently turned your vacuum cleaner on and smelled a naff smell, then that usually means your cleaner has sucked in something it shouldn’t have. And sometimes, you don’t even have to turn your cleaner on to smell it.

If this is currently happening to you, make sure to look in the bag and then, using a cloth soaked in soapy warm water, clean it to make sure it’s looking and smelling like a brand-new car.

It’s slightly different for bagless vacuums. Before beginning to wash it, make it’s completely empty. Once empty, proceed to wash it in soap water for a good time. And after that’s been completed, air dry it for a minimum of 24 hours before placing it all together again.

It’s Broken! Is All Hope Lost?

If your vacuum cleaner is still not working properly or potentially completely dead, then don’t fret. Here at Zest, we make it super easy and affordable to fix your vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is call us at 0800 888 666 and we’ll be with you in 48 hours or less! And if you’re looking for a completely new vacuum cleaner then make sure to become a Zest member today and get completely exclusive tech appliance deals. No loopholes – only transparency. That’s the Zest promise.

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