How to Keep Your Speakers/Sound System Well Maintained

If you have a Hi-Fi sound system or speakers in your home at all, you’ll know the way good audio quality can transform your listening experience and have you floating off to another world on the soundwaves. Over time though, this quality can fade if you don’t keep your speakers well maintained. So here are our top tips for keeping your sound system in good condition.

Hi Fi

Keep Dust Away.


Dust gets everywhere and ruins everything. Especially electronics. It will get into the wire connectors and stop electrical signals from being perfectly transmitted. This creates static in your speakers which will end up sounding like a crackling.

The measures you can take against dust aren’t expensive or difficult either, so it’s worth getting on top of. You should firstly keep your speakers out of a space that accumulates lots of dust. Then, all you need to do is regularly wipe the speakers down or dust them off. Make sure, however, you don’t use any liquids. This can damage your speakers more. Be sure not to damage the cone drivers or the tweeter too.

Keep Heat Away

Okay they dont have to be this cold but you get the idea

Speakers, especially good-quality ones, are very sensitive to heat. You should keep them far out of direct sunlight & windows. They can get damaged quickly in sunlight, especially if they aren’t built to deal with heat exposure. The electromagnetic voice coils can get damaged, which is important for keeping electrical flow between the source and speakers.

Keep Wary of Static Electricity

Static can cause massive damage

Another common enemy of speakers is static electricity. When this builds up it can burn your system out. A way to prevent this is to buy some anti-static mats that go on your floor and reduce the static that builds up. A humidifier would be great too as dry air can increase static electricity build-up (be careful not to put it too close to your speakers though).

Keep them Well Ventilated

Fans are a great investment

Ensuring your speakers have a good amount of airflow is important as it helps them keep cool while they are playing which of course gets them hot. People that love speakers will tell you that sometimes you’d even point fans at your speakers to keep them cool while playing loudly. You can also arrange your setup to support proper airflow too by keeping your speakers away from the walls and tight spaces.

Proper airflow doesn’t just improve the likelihood your speaker will survive a bit longer, it also improves the sound quality while playing. So, keeping your air flowing benefits you in more than one way!

Keep Protected Against Surges

Protect against surges

More expensive and high-end speakers and sound systems will need you to control how much power flows to them and how it gets power. The speakers won’t usually need a power surge, but the speakers’ amplifier will need protecting. The amplifier is the main hub of your Hi-Fi system, meaning everything is controlled from there. This means all the power flows through your amplifier. If the power was to surge, after returning from a power cut, for example, it could completely fry your amp, leaving you unable to play music for the foreseeable future.

Keep them Covered

Fabric speaker covers

Speakers can be very fragile because of the parts they are made from. The cone drivers and the tweeter on the front where the sound comes out can get damaged easily, if you have small children who like to poke things, or pets who can go crazy at any moment, it’s always a good idea to invest in some speaker covers that keep those important parts nice and safe.

You can get good speaker covers cheap at any Hi-Fi shop or online. This will extend the long life of your speakers and keep your heart at ease when the pets and kids are playing and dancing to the music!

Accessories and Equipment to Keep your Speakers in Great Shape

As well as general tips you can use to keep your Hi-Fi speakers in good condition, there are some accessories and odd bits you can buy to enhance your listening experience.

  • One of our first picks is tall speaker stands to keep your speakers out of the way from dust, keep the airflow good, and to make sure the playing quality isn’t interrupted. Check this out.
  • Another useful tip is this speaker cleaning set from Betron. Keep your speaker dust free in all its’ nooks & crannies! Check this out.
  • A cheap and easy accessory that is essential is a spare AUX cable. This means if yours ever gets damaged you can carry on playing your music straight away! Check this out.
  • If you have a capable sound system, then a home assistant that connects to your sound system like an Alexa or Google Assistant can really elevate your listening experience, you wouldn’t have to touch your sound system to control it! Check this out.

If your speakers need extra protection…

If your speakers need some extra protection, if they are your prized possessions, if you know you can’t risk going a day without your music, then Zest can provide the service you need. Our comprehensive sound system and speaker protection cover you for accidental damage, wear & tear, and breakdowns, with no upper claims limit. So it doesn’t matter how fancy your sound system is – we’ll cover it. Find out more at the links below, but for now, have fun keeping your speakers in great condition.

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