How to Keep Your Cooker Well Maintained

Your Cooker/Oven is one of the most used appliances in your home, which is why keeping it maintained, clean, and in good working order is a great idea. It isn’t a job we look forward to at all, but regular cleaning will improve the consistency of your cooker’s performance and leave it looking and smelling much better in the long run. At the same time, your oven will likely last a lot longer if it’s well looked after! So let’s take a look at some top tips for keeping your cooker well maintained below.

Wipe Regularly

As easy as it sounds, wiping down the outside of your oven and anything you can get off of the inside is a great way to keep it looking brand new. You can use oven cleaner (we recommend Oven Pride) or regular surface cleaner depending on how dirty your oven is.

Cleaning oven down with gloves on

If Your Oven Has a Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Mode, Use It

Many ovens, especially more recently, have started incorporating pyrolytic self-cleaning modes where the oven can be heated up to far higher temperatures than possible to cook with in order to clean itself. The extreme heat from the oven incinerates the dirt off of the walls and all you’ll need to do is sweep up the ash from the bottom of the oven, and it’s clean!

Catch Juice and Gristle with Trays

To prevent further excess dirt and gristle from building up on the floor of the oven, use a tray you can safely keep in the oven to catch dirt and spillages. This will prevent your oven from building up that greasy thick layer of gristle and keep your oven from smelling so bad.

Steam Can Loosen Grease

A really easy, cheap, and effective way of getting stubborn grease off of your oven is to use steam. You can fill a bowl of hot water and put it in the oven, turn it up to high heat and let the steam from the water loosen all of the greases on the inside – prepping your oven for a super thorough wipe down with oven cleaner.

steam cleaning oven

Be Sure to Clean the Racks

Not only the oven, but the racks your food sits on while cooking gets fairly messy too, so keeping them in good shape will help keep your cooker fresh too. They could go in the dishwasher or even just letting them soak in soapy water and then wiping them down will work.

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