Over the past few years, the popularity of air fryers has surged, and what once was a rarity is now a commodity in most people’s homes. But, the question remains, are air fryers worth all the hype? Our guide covers the pros and cons of an air fryer, giving you all the necessary information to make an informed choice.

The Pros of an Air Fryer

1. Quick and Efficient

When preparing a meal, the cooking time can be one of the most tiresome factors. No one likes to wait around, aimlessly clock watching until they can tuck into their favourite comfort food, which is exactly why an air fryer could be your new best friend. An air fryer cuts down cooking time by 30-50% when compared to that of an oven, so you’ll never have to wait hour for a dish again.

2. Cheaper Alternative

Most air fryers on the market can be purchased for under £100, so compared to a regular oven, it’s a much cheaper alternative, not to mention with a quicker clean up time.

3. Healthier Meals

An air fryer allows you to cook meals with little to no oil, meaning that you have the options to create healthier alternatives to all your favourite foods.

4. Less Is More

Naturally, the air fryer is smaller than the conventional oven, which some may view as a negative. However, this means you’re able to cook smaller batches of food, for between 1-4 people, meaning you’ll, in turn, produce less waste with the smaller quantity of food. If you’re looking to take step to becoming more environmentally friendly, producing less food waste is a massive win, so an air fryer could be your perfect accomplice.

5. Versatility Is Key

An air fryer gives you a wide range of options to make different types of food. Ranging from vegetables, to fried goods, to desserts – the opportunities are endless, and brilliant for those who are fussy eaters.

The Cons of an Air Fryer 

1. Smaller Quantities

Whilst it can be argued that the smaller quantities generate less waste, it can also pose the issue that, for larger families, not enough food is produced. When you’re cooking for over four people, an air fryer may not always be the most suitable option, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

2. Burnt Food

An air fryer cooks at considerably higher heats compared to that of an oven, which can lead to food being burned faster than usual. Whilst this isn’t a deal breaker, it’s important to remain aware, so that you can keep an eye out when you’re cooking a meal.


To summarise, an air fryer can be a brilliant addition to your household, giving you the flexibility to cook a variety of different meals. However, it is important to consider that air fryers may not be the best options for larger families, due to the limited capacity within.

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