Food glorious food – we all love it and, with the bountiful selection of choice in supermarkets today, we unfortunately we have the growing tendency to waste tons of food each year. According to the Eco Experts, the UK throw away around 9.52 million tons of food per year, which equates to the Royal Albert Hall being filled 192 times. We all want to do our bit for the planet, so we’ve put together a few simple ways to cut down on your food waste.

1. It’s Time To Get Freezing

Whether it’s leftover lasagne from last night, or the abundance of fruit and veg that’s nearing its best before date, stick everything in the freezer and consume within the following three months. Not only does this save you on cooking prep time, but it also cuts down on your food waste, allowing you to spend less on shopping.

2. Keep It Cool

Bacteria thrives in warmer temperatures, which can cause food to go off quicker and, in turn, be wasted. Ensure your fridge is kept between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius to be at an optimum temperature to keep your food fresh.

3. Rotate Your Food

Similar to supermarkets, a great way to keep on top of best before dates is to rotate your food within the fridge, bringing produce that is nearing the end of its life to the front of the fridge – a simple reminder to use it first.

4. Compost If You Can

Whilst this is not always the most readily available option for everyone, making an effort to compost what you can, if you can, is a great way to cut down on waste and be more environmentally friendly.

5. Plan Your Meals

This may seem obvious but planning your meals ahead of time can cut back on food waste dramatically. Following a stricter shopping list can ensure you only use what is necessary for a recipe or a lunch box and can help you avoid throwing away food that isn’t used.

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