What is Hotpoint Washing Machine Error Code H20?

Is your Hotpoint washing machine displaying error code H20? Find out what it means here with a video from Hotpoint themselves. Transcription below.


Is your washer flashing an H20 error code at you? Well, it actually stands for H20 and as you’ve probably guessed, that means a water-related problem has occurred. In this case, it means the washer can’t get any water into the machine. Let’s fix it. Hey, bring here so the only way a modern appliance can tell you something has gone wrong is by presenting you with an error code. Now error codes are very manufacturer and model-specific. And in this video, I’m going to be talking about an error code for Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines only. So if you have another brand of washing machine, you may not get the same error code at all. Or you may find the error code means something completely different. However, the advice in this video will still be valid for anyone with a washing machine that has the same problem. Before I begin though, if you need any assistance with anything mentioned in this video, the best place to go is the Hotpoint washing machine error code support page. This page has everything you need to know about Hotpoint washer errors, how to read them, and what to do about them.

So error code H20 is telling us there’s a water inlet problem with your washer. Basically, water isn’t getting into your machine. Now the most common cause for this is your inlet tap being in its closed position. Here’s an example of what you probably have behind your machine. Now this allows the water to flow through the mains up through the valve and into the machine itself. And if you’ve recently moved your machine or installed a new one, you may have forgotten to turn the tap into its open position like this which allows the water to flow or you may have accidentally knocked it into its closed position. So the first thing to do is to make sure this is open. Now if all this is behind your machine, you’ll need to move it out. Now if you do need to move your washing machine remember washing machines can be really heavy, so please only try and do it yourself if you think you can do it safely. Don’t be afraid to ask for help remember safety first. Now a top tip for you. I like to slide something underneath the appliance this helps to protect the floor, but it also gives you something to slide the appliance on now you can use vinyl or cardboard or in my case, a sheet of hardboard another tip for you if there is nothing on the outside that you think you can grab hold of open the door and hold on to the doorframe itself but try not to grab hold of the floating drum.

Once the washing machine is out, make sure the power is turned off, and then we can check the inlet valve to make sure it’s in the open position. Now if it is that’s not the cause of error code H20, so we need to turn our attention to the inlet hose. This goes from the mains to the back of your washing machine. What you’re looking for are any kinks or bends that might be restricting the flow of the water. But if everything looks good, turn the power back on and slide your washing machine back into place, making sure you don’t kink any of the hoses or disturb the inlet tap. So there you go. The most common way to solve the error code H20. But if you’re still getting that error code, then unfortunately you’re gonna have to call out an engineer and you can do that at Hotpoint service dot code at UK

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