What is Bosch Washing Machine Error Code F03 or F18?

Is your Bosch Washing Machine displaying error code F03 or F18? Find out what it means here with a video from Bosch themselves. Transcription below.


Hi, I’m Matt Welcome to eSpares. In this video, we are looking at the fault codes F03 and F18. On a Bosch washing machine, an error code is generated by the main PCB when a fault is detected in the machine to assist in determining what has gone wrong, always work safely disconnect the appliance before you start the repair.

This machine has a display on the control panel, which will show the error code here. F03 and F18 indicate that the machine has not drained the water in the correct time allowed by the electronics. This error code could indicate a number of different reasons why the machine is not draining. I’m going to take you through those causes to determine the reason why. Let’s start with the most common. I’m going to start by checking the filter. Now the filter does need to be checked regularly otherwise it gets blocked and if it does, you will get an error code. It is located here at the bottom right-hand corner of the machine behind this cover. So just drop this down and remove and here we have the filter. Now before I open this up, what I’m going to do is put a towel down to collect any excess water and also use an old washing-up bowl so that I can use the emergency drain hose here. Just open that up and empty whatever water is inside there into the washing-up bowl.

Once the water has been removed from the emergency drain hose, I can put that back into position. And then take out the filter by turning it anti-clockwise. When you get the filter out, make sure you give it a good wash to get all the fluff and lint out from it. With the filter out check inside for any foreign objects such as nails, screws, coins, or hair grips, or anything else that may have fallen out of your pocket during a wash. And also give the impeller at the back a spin just to make sure it turns freely. There’s nothing else inside there before you put the filter back in. When you put your filter back in, make sure it’s nice and tight. So no water can leak out in the future and then replace the cover.

The next thing I need to check is the drain hose at the back. If that gets blocked, then it won’t be able to drain the water and the error code will be displayed. In order for me to unblock the hose, I need to remove it at the back of the machine to make it easier to access to the drain hose. I’m going to remove this back panel by undoing the one torques head screw at the bottom. Make sure you hold on to the panel as it will dropdown. Once the screw is removed, simply lift the panel out of the way.

The drain hose goes into the back of the machine here and is held in place by a clip at the top and also these two clips lower down. So the first thing I’m going to do is remove the clip at the top. You can just use your fingers to pull it away from the machine or you can use a flathead screwdriver if you need to. Next, I need to remove these two lower clips. Again, I’m just going to use my fingers but you may find a pair of pliers is much easier. I’m going to lay the washing machine on its back being careful as it is heavy. Drop the filter cover down and unclip it from the bottom and then remove the kick plate. I need to undo one talks head screw and then shift the kick plate to the right and remove. Once you remove the kick panel, just take out the emergency drain hose. One more torque head screw holding the pump chamber on here.

Take out and then tilt the pump chamber back to release. Pull it out to access the drain hose. Now I’ve just put a towel on the floor as I need to remove the drain hose from the pump chamber and there might be quite a bit of water in the drain hose. I’m going to use a pair of pliers to remove the Jubilee clip. And on this machine, it’s essential that you remove the Jubilee clip completely.

The machine is now upright again as I can pull the drain hose out. With the hose removed to the machine, a great way of getting rid of any blockages is to put a screwdriver in one end and then pour water down the other end and then force the water through by spinning it around as hard as you can. Now it’s a good idea to do this outside as it can get very messy. Once you’re happy that the hose is cleared of any blockages, you can then refit it to the machine. To fit the clip, make sure that this little lip goes inside the machine at the bottom like so. And then you just pinch the top to get it in place nice and firmly. Now I need to just reposition these clips into the back of the cabinet from the inside. being very careful not to cut yourself on any sharp pieces.
I can now refit the back panel. Lay the machine onto its back one more time. And then position the Jubilee clip over the end refit the pump chamber to the front of the cabinet, just making sure that the lip of the top goes outside. That should ensure that the screw hole lines up.
To refit the kick panel, I’m just going to push the emergency drain hose through. Then there are two clips on the far left that just slot into the cabinet. And then before you slot the right-hand side in, just make sure to lift up this which is the emergency door release and push that through and then fit these two clips on the far right into position. You can then fit the screw which holds the kick panel in place.

Refit the cover, clip it in place and then simply lift the machine up again and correct if either of those checks hasn’t removed the error code. The last thing we’re going to take a look at is the drain pump here in order to access it. I’m just going to lift this cover off like so. And then remove the kick plate by undoing the screw here talks head that holds it in place.
To remove the kick plate, simply push to the right lift up take away the emergency drain hose from underneath and remove to remove the pump itself. Undo the torques head screw that holds it to the cabinet and just let it tilt down. And there we are. To remove the pump assembly. I need to disconnect the suppose by using a pair of pliers On this Jubilee clip, just make that go down to disconnect.

And then remove the electrical connection by pinching and lifting up. And then lastly, disconnect the drain hose, again using a pair of pliers to remove the Jubilee clip down.
To see whether the pump has failed, I’m going to use a multimeter. Now I’ve set it to the ohms setting and set it to the 200. So it’s reading from naught to 200 ohms then all I need to do is use the probes to touch each of the terminals, the electrical terminals. The ideal reading for me is between 102 100 and you can see that we are getting that at the moment. Now if you put the probes in, and you don’t get any reading, or stays at one in this instance, it means that there’s an open circuit and the pump has failed and it will need to be replaced. The new pump looks ever so slightly different from the old one. Although it fits in exactly the same way. It comes with the filter but doesn’t come with the clips. So you have to take those off the old one and put them on to the new one ready to refit the hoses. To fit put the drain hose on first.

Squeeze either end of the Jubilee clip and then wrap it around the bottom of the house. Make sure it’s nice and tight. refit the electrical connection and then you can fit the sun pose as well. To fit the pump to the cabinet, just make sure that this lip is outside at the top and that lines the screw hole up nicely. And then you can refit your torques head screw.

With the pump firmly in position, I can now refit the kick panel or kick plate but the emergency drain hose through and then there are two tabs on the left-hand side and get into position. And then I need to make sure that the emergency door release this item here is lifted up so I can then slot in the two tabs on the right-hand side before refitting the screw.
cover back on.

And then I can lift the machine up and test it. Excellent. As you can hear it’s draining correctly. There we have it these bears guide on what to look for if your boss washing machine has error code F03 or F18. Please give this video a thumbs up if we’ve helped you and subscribe for more handy How-To videos. Find all the spares and accessories you’ll ever need on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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