Beko Fridge Error Codes: A Complete Guide

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If you need to know what your Beko fridge error codes mean, you’re in the right place! Here’s an article full of error code solutions to help you diagnose and hopefully fix your Beko refrigerator.

Error Codes Meaning / Problem Potential Solutions
E0 Freezer Sensor Failure Remove the inside rear panel of the freezer to access the sensor. Disconnect the sensor sockets and test with a multimeter. If you see OL on the multimeter, the sensor is open circuit.

Buy a new sensor and test it to be sure it is not reading as an open circuit. Get a new one and remount the back panel of the freezer.

E1 Freezer Defrost Sensor Failure Call a qualified technician or contact Beko service centre for help.
E3 Fridge Sensor Failure Fix it by contacting a service technician for help.
E4 Defrost Heater Failure The defrost heater is not heating enough to defrost ice or is not working at all if you see this error code.
E8 Ice Sensor Failure Change the sensor or have a professional repairman fix it for you.
E9 Ice Machine Failure You will need to replace the ice maker or have a technician replace it for you.
2 Cooling fault. Refrigerant leakage, compressor malfunction, fan failure in the refrigerator, improper sensor operation, open long door time. Let a qualified technician verify the fault and fix it for you.
3 Heater fault. The heaters do not work or do not work at full capacity, the refrigerator sensor must be repaired. Replace the heater or the sensor of the refrigerator to fix this.
4 The sensor circuit is open. One of the sensors is not installed in place, a defect in the wires, a bad contact on the connectors. There could be a problem with the wire connections or the sensor has shifted.
5 Sensor short-circuit. Malfunction of the sensor, defect of the wires connecting one of the 3 temperature sensors with the control board, poor contact in the connectors. Let a qualified technician verify the fault and fix it for you.
6 The button is pressed. Faulty buttons, dirty buttons. Clean / Replace buttons
7 Malfunction of the compressor. Compressor does not work, refrigerant leaks, blockage of the circulation system. Check for leakage of refrigerant, circulation system blockage or a faulty compressor.
12 Switch circuit fault. Bad contact on the switch, in the places of connecting wires to the control board or switch, high resistance of the wires. Get an engineer to come and fix this for you.

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