Having fun and being on a budget doesn’t always go hand in hand, meaning you end up digging your hand in your pocket and spending money left, right and centre. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case! We’ve put together a list of great ideas to have fun… and watch the wallet.

1. Museums and Galleries

Dinosaur skeleton hanging at Natural History Museum

In every city, there’s always an abundance of museums or galleries, usually for free or a budget friendly price. The Natural History Museum offers free entry and, with tons of interactive elements for kids, there’s something for the whole family.

2. Escape Rooms

Detective style images and writing on a board

Escape rooms are a great way to use your brain and have a great time. Ranging from £10 to £15 per person, they’re easier on the wallet and a brilliant excuse to get your closest friends together and have a laugh.

3. Bike Ride

Bike rides a great way to increase your daily exercise intake, and a lot of fun for all the family. Pull the bike out of the depths of the garage or hire one for a few pounds across your local city or town and set out for a day of adventure.

4. Board Game Night
Group of friends playing board games

If you’ve got some old boardgames lying around at home, why not fish them out for an evening of entertainment? Although, the safest bet would be to avoid Monopoly if you’re looking to escape any family feuds.

5. Head To The Beach
Family taking selfies on the beach

If you’re local to the beach, then a day trip to the seaside is a fantastic option when you’re looking for a day out on a budget. Pack your bucket and spades, your favorite bikini – or warmest coat depending on the season – and enjoy some quality time next to the waves.

6. Tap Into Your Creative Side

Channel your inner Mary Berry by baking a weekend sweet treat or building something creative. Digging out recyclable materials to create something fun is not only brilliant for your entertainment but also more environmentally friendly.

7. Visit Your Local Country Park

Talk a walk on the wild side and visit your local country park. Most places are free, or for a small admission fee, so a family walk is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

8. Support A Local Business
People ordering at a coffee shop

Why not venture out into your local community and visit some small businesses? Granted, it may be more costly than other options, but it’s always nice to know your money is going to a good place. Visit the local café or check out a small bookstore. You never know, you may find some real gems.

9. Host A Potluck

Invite your friend’s round for an evening of feasting, with each person bringing their favourite dish. It takes the financial burden off the host and allows you to try new dishes you ordinarily wouldn’t.

10. Have A Family Movie Night
Girls watching a movie

Staying in is the new going out! Pop your favourite movie on the telly, enjoy your favourite snacks and cosy up for the evening.

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