Heat Pump Tumble Dryer vs Condenser Tumble Dryer

Although they both have different names, a heat pump tumble dryer and condenser tumble dryer do exactly the same thing: dry clothes. They differ, however, in functionality and energy consumption. This article will go through the benefits, cons and ultimately which one is better.

On average, people usually use a tumble dryer for 12 years. Therefore, many things should be considered prior to buying one so they last those 12 years or even longer.


Heat Pump Tumble Dryer –

A heat pump tumble dryer is significantly more expensive than a condenser tumble dryer. The reason behind this is that a heat pump is significantly more efficient than a condenser tumble dryer. A run-of-the-mill heat pump dryer, with an A+++ model with 8kg of laundry will save you £62.52 a year. This is compared to a condenser tumble dryer’s B label.

Not only this, but by breaking down the long-term savings of buying a heat pump dryer, your overall savings come up to £832. As we previously mentioned, the usual lifespan of a tumble dryer is 12 years. So, although, a heat pump dryer is more expensive than a condenser tumble dryer, the savings you’d garner during the long-term trump the price disparity.

Condenser Tumble Dryer –

As mentioned above, a condenser tumble dryer is nowhere near as efficient as a heat pump tumble dryer. Due to the condenser tumble dryer’s B label, you’ll be losing £62.52 a year when compared to a heat pump tumble dryer’s A+++. A condensation tumble dryer would cost you an extra £832 during its lifetime.


Heat Pump Tumble Dryer –

Your laundry will look and feel better for a longer period of time due to the low drying temperature. It’s all thanks to the dryer’s heat pump and coolant. The coolant is paramount in the heat pump’s functionality and uniqueness, as it dries at a lower temperature. Your clothes will also last longer and shrink less quickly, due to the dryer’s lower temperature.

Condenser Dryer –

With a condensation dryer, your laundry has a higher chance of shrinking and ultimately ruining it. And in contrast to a heat pump dryer, which incorporates a coolant and reasonable heat, a condenser uses high heat to clean laundry. This is a result of the dry air in the condenser getting extremely high.

Cycle Duration

Heat Pump Dryer –

Although your laundry will last longer and save you a lot of energy, and in the long-term money, it will take a little longer to dry. If you’ve got an A+++ heat pump dryer with an 8kg laundry capacity usually takes about 165 mins or 2 hours and 45 mins to dry your laundry. A condenser dryer does it 30 mins quicker.

Condenser Dryer –

Compared to a heat pump dryer, a condensation dryer dries your laundry quicker due to its high heat element. A condensation dryer dries your laundry in 135 mins or 2 hours and 45 mins. On the other hand, your laundry will wear a lot faster, shrink quicker, and use a lot more energy.


Heat Pump Tumble Dryer –

If you’ve been swayed into potentially purchasing a heat pump tumble dryer then the Beko DPHR8PB561W 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer – White – A+++ Rated. If you have a medium-sized household then it’s a great choice. It’s a great option for time management and efficiency in daily life, as it sets the most ideal amount of time and energy, detects moisture percentage in each load and once it’s calculated, it’ll automatically adjust its settings.

Additionally, if you’ve got an eclectic mix of clothes needing a clean then the Mixed Dry option is perfect and will sort your laundry out in one go, no trouble. And as mentioned above, this is a heat pump tumble dryer, so it uses heat pump technology, which dries your clothes more quickly whilst preserving more energy.


  • 8kg drum capacity – great for a fairly large family
  • It has the most efficient energy rating: A+++
  • Perfect sensor drying time
  • More efficiency, less energy consumption.

It retails for £549.00 on ao.com

Condenser Tumble Dryer –

The Beko DCR93161W 9Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer is an ideal choice for a fairly large family – much like the heat pump condenser dryer mentioned above. This uses the same sensor drying technology present in the heat pump tumble dryer, detecting moisture in clothing and dilating time in order to protect your clothes as much as possible.

It’s also extremely quick, too. It has an auto cool-down function that blasts your laundry with cold air so that it’s ready to be unloaded as soon as possible.


  • 9kg laundry capacity – great for medium-to-large households
  • Perfect time calibration
  • Anti-crease feature, meaning your clothes come out as though you’d just bought them from the shop.
  • Cool blast, ensuring your clothes are nice and dry as soon as possible.

It retails for £329 on ao.com

Hopefully, after the points and features presented, along with the best two recommendations in the market, you’re all set to purchase either a condensation dryer or a heat pump dryer.

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